The lawyers at HETA Law Office have a profound experience from their many years of working as attorneys, creating perfect conditions for effective team work for solving clients’ problems as competently and successfully as possible.


All lawyers in our office have their own strengths, but in order to reach best results for our clients, we often consult with each other and share knowledge. What is more, we find it extremely important to always communicate with our clients personally, answer all questions fast and keep the relationship and information flow constant. For these reasons we can say that we can guarantee very high quality legal aid which is based on years and years of experience.


To contact a specific lawyer, You can find all contacts under personal profiles. If You are not sure, which lawyer to pick, call our office number or fill out the inquiry form, so that we can find and suggest the best possible attorney to solve Your problems!

  • Kaido Pihlakas

    Kaido Pihlakas

    Advocate emeritus
  • Taavi Pihlakas

    Taavi Pihlakas

    Attorney at law / partner / board member
  • Ahti Kuuseväli

    Ahti Kuuseväli

    Attorney at Law / partner
  • Teet Lehiste

    Teet Lehiste

  • Eve Orgse

    Eve Orgse

    Management assistant / accountant
  • Meeli Rondel

    Meeli Rondel

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