The primary consultation usually takes about half an hour and if it is a question that does not need a thorough analysis to answer, the price of the consulting is 50 Euros. If the problem turns out to be more complicated than just that, further analysis is needed. In this case we will not charge for the first consultation.


We always approach our clients’ problems with utmost care and attention, taking into consideration that everyone, in spite of their financial situation, should be able to have the option to receive professional legal help. Moreover, as in many cases, the first consultation is enough to understand the problem much better and come to a solution by their own in the future.


The attorneys at law firm HETA generally provide legal services based on hourly fee is 115 euros, depending of the location of the client value added tax may be added to the hourly fee. Since we value the time of our attorneys and always put our client’s welfare first, upon request and opportunity, we also offer customized solutions on the fee (the most beneficial hourly fee-performance ratio for the client). The final hourly fee or special agreements will be discussed and settled after the first meeting.


We also offer discounts for our clients depending on the content and volume of the case, so don’t hesitate to contact us now and ask!

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